Check Out These Cool Jesus T Shirts

Having a Christian t-shirt is an amazing way to start conversations and share the Gospel in a non-threatening and subtle way. From a Catch Up With Jesus shirt to an IKhThUS (ichthys) design, check out these cool Jesus t shirts that are sure to get attention. Personalize your own Christian t-shirt using Canva’s easy drag-and-drop tool. Upload your own photo or search through our library of vintage elements to customize your design.

1. Got Jesus?

Every parent knows the feeling that comes over them when their child is accidentally left in a shopping cart at the grocery store or behind them on a swing at the park. They become frantic, worry about where they are and start to play the worst scenarios in their head, to know more click here This is the kind of reaction that Jesus’ parents must have felt when they realized he was missing. This simple design is a powerful reminder of how important it is to keep Jesus close and never leave him behind. This Christian t-shirt is sure to start conversations and introduce people to the gospel message of salvation. Made from 100% cotton, this fade resistant tee is lightweight, soft and durable. Machine wash and dry on low heat.

2. Be The Difference

We believe that every little act can make a difference. Sometimes it takes very little effort to give someone a smile, hold the door for them or let them ahead of you in line. It may not solve their problems or bring them instant happiness, but for a moment they will know that someone cares and that makes all the difference.

Our goal is to support organizations that are making a difference in the lives of others. We strive to align these causes with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals – the world’s biggest ‘to-do’ list. This way we can see how our efforts are connecting to the bigger picture and helping to improve the world around us. Our Cool Jesus t shirts help to support these causes and give hope to women fighting the battle against ovarian cancer.

3. Be A Vessel

As vessels of God, we are containers that bring His heavenly food to a hurting world. This is a concept that should interest and fascinate every member of God’s spiritual House. Paul uses the analogy of a large house that contains vessels of gold and silver as well as wood and clay. Some are used for honorable purposes and others for dishonorable purposes. He explains that if we cleanse ourselves from the latter, we will be a vessel for honor, set apart and useful to our Master and prepared to do any good work (2 Timothy 2:21).

Some of the traits of being a vessel unto honor include biblical fidelity, pure fellowship, a pure conscience, a discerning mind and a gentle spirit. Verse 25 explains that we must also be willing to correct those who oppose us with humility. These are all essential to being a vessel that brings hope to those around you. Get these cool Jesus t shirts to start conversations about your faith and spread the message of Christ.

4. Bring The Joy

We are in a world that is drowning in pessimism. So many people are complaining and just bringing down the energy of everyone else around them, Check out these cool Jesus t-shirts. One of the easiest ways to bring joy to a situation is to honor people. When you compliment someone, their smile grows and they feel better about themselves. It is such a simple and powerful way to make an eternal difference in this world.

Another great way to bring joy is by counting your blessings. Appreciate the things you have in your life, whether it is a clean house, a job, a beautiful day or even just having good health. Finally, let go of the things that don’t serve your joy – whether it is a relationship, a certain hobby or simply just the clutter in your home. Joy comes from the freedom of letting go and being able to play like children. They dance, run wild, say what’s on their mind and are genuinely joyful.


Check out these cool Jesus t shirts that are perfect for sharing your faith without being obnoxious. Whether you’re at the gym or hanging out with your game-lover friends, these shirts will inspire them and let them know that you believe in Christ.