Green Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Home

When it comes to water consumption, the bathroom of your house ranks on top. The master bathroom or other is the room that has the maximum water consumption. And overuse of water is not a great practice for the environment. Hence, it needs to be stopped. Other than water conservation, there are numerous other things that can be remodeled to ensure that bathrooms are green in our house.

Here in this article, we will highlight and elaborate on some green bathroom remodeling ideas that can help you create a more sustainable, healthy, and energy efficient home.

Top Five Remarkable Ideas For a Green Bathroom!

From selecting green, high quality materials to incorporating energy efficient fixtures and appliances, there are plenty of options for creating a more eco-friendly bathroom. Let’s go through some of these extremely knowledgeable ideas.

  1. Avoid Vinyl at all Costs

Let’s deal with the flooring first. The first thing that you need to ensure a green bathroom is to make the flooring green. You don’t have to color the floor green but focus on installing eco-friendly tiles.

Now, when it comes to tiles, there are various options, out of which ceramic tiles are eco-friendly. Never go for vinyl tiles, as they are harmful to the environment. Other than these, you can go for green concrete or ivory palm tiles.

  1. Use Reclaimed Wood for Furniture

The furniture also enhances the aesthetics of the entire bathroom. Hence, you need to have some. To ensure that it is environment-friendly, it is best to opt for furniture that is made from reclaimed wood. Other than reclaimed wood, you can also go for bamboo, FSC-certified wood, recycled steel, etc.

Further, also ensure that the furniture is made from glues that do not contain formaldehyde, also known as carcinogen as it is a strong-smelling substance.

  1. Choose the paint wisely

As walls play a crucial role in the aesthetics of the entire bathroom, you must carefully focus on their design. If you are painting the walls, it is best to go for VOC-free paints. VOC expands as volatile organic compounds that may cause serious short and long-term health issues. Always go for paints free from toxins, chemical solvents, and toxic fumes.

As an alternative, you can also go for PVC-free or heavy-metal-free wallpaper.

  1. Energy Efficient Appliances

The process of green bathroom remodeling Oreland PA revolves around various aspects, and one of the crucial ones is appliances. Your modern bathroom space will only look complete with energy efficient devices. These devices include numerous things, such as water heaters, lights, exhaust fans, and other accessories.

Here are some tips to ensure maximum power saving!

  • Go for a solar water heater, tankless water heater, or heat pump water heater.
  • Install a high-energy star-rated exhaust fan to ensure proper air ventilation.
  • Invest in smart and natural lighting. Go for a window in your bathroom without disrupting privacy, and use high-energy star-rated LED lights.
  1. Water Saving Fixtures

Your bathroom has a plethora of water fixtures like faucets, showers, flushes, etc. Now, all of these dispense water but not smartly, as there are variations based on individual needs. However, you can purchase some special pieces of water fixtures that dispense water smartly.

Here are some cool tips for water-saving fixtures!

  • A dual-flush toilet allows you to dispense different volumes of water based on the type of waste excreted.
  • Keep a check on the amount of water used by the shower and save as much as you can. Install a shower that has a laminar or aerating flow. These types of flow showers use less water.
  • The same is the case with faucets. Use faucets that have aerators fitted in them. Aerators can reduce the water flow to 0.5 gallons per minute.

How to Get the Best Bathroom Remodeler?

If you are undertaking a home improvement plan, it is best to consult a professional or contractor with relevant experience. As there are numerous bathroom remodelers out there, you need to keep the following things in mind!

  1. Customers reviews: Before you contact a contractor of an operated company, don’t forget to check the reviews from their customers. It will give a clear picture of whether the bathroom remodeling people are true professionals or not.
  2. Experience: While communicating with the contractor, do ask about their experience and, if possible, check out their previous work to confirm quality work. Checking the work quality will also ensure that they use the best materials or not.
  3. License: There is no shame in asking the contractor or the project manager about their license. If the person or the bathroom remodel business is genuine, they will never refrain from settling your concerns.


The bathroom remodel is equally important as the kitchen remodel, as both of them boost the value of your property. The pivotal element that can make or break your decision is the contractor undertaking the task. Hence, whenever you undertake the process, do get a free estimate from a professional contractor.

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