How To Change The Color Of The Mechanical Keyboard?

If you’re a gamer who wants to get the most out of their gaming setup, changing the color of your keyboard can make it more exciting. You can change it manually or use the software. Changing the color of your mechanical keyboard is easier than you might think. All you need to do is press a couple of keys.

What Is A Mechanical Keyboard?

mechanical keyboard is a computer keyboard that utilizes mechanical key switches. These key switches differ from the membrane switches used in most regular keyboards. A membrane keyboard uses a rubber dome that presses against a circuit board to register a keypress. This is more affordable to manufacture than individual mechanical switches, so they have become the standard in the PC peripheral market.

However, many people find that the experience of typing on a membrane keyboard could be more satisfying. These keyboards need to provide the tactile feedback that typists crave, making it difficult to type without mistakes. This is a primary reason fast typists prefer mechanical keyboards, which provide the responsiveness and feel that many fast typists have grown to love. Some users also like that mechanical keyboard don’t require them to press down (also known as “bottoming out”), which can cause unnecessary stress on their joints and fingers.

Additionally, a mechanical keyboard can be more durable than a membrane keyboard. The individual switches on a mechanical keyboard are more resistant to wear and tear than the rubber domes in a membrane keyboard, which can make them last longer. A mechanical keyboard also tends to have better key rollover than a membrane keyboard, meaning it’s less likely to miss a keystroke when multiple keys are being pressed simultaneously. This is a particularly important feature for typists and gamers, as it can help them complete their tasks more quickly and easily.

When shopping for a new keyboard, you’ll want to consider several factors, including the actuation force and actuation distance of the keyboard’s key switches. Actuation force refers to the weight of the switch, while actuation distance is the amount of space between the key switch and the actuating point on the keycap. In general, the more actuation force and the larger actuation distance of a keyboard’s switch will result in a heavier and more satisfying feel. This is especially true for typists, as they’ll appreciate the increased resistance of a heavier switch, which can improve their typing speed.

Keyboard Switches      

The switches you choose for your keyboard can make a big difference in how you type. They let you customize every aspect of the keystroke, including the actuation force required to activate the switch, travel distance, and tactile position. Mechanical switches have many types, including linear, tactile, and clicky. Linear switches follow a simple operation, requiring minimal force to actuate. They’re typically dubbed “quiet” switches and are ideal for gamers or fast-typists who don’t want to hear click noises when they press the keys.

Tactile switches provide a slight bump when you press them, generally around the actuation point. This “tactile feedback” helps your fingers feel when the key has been registered and can be an important feature for input accuracy. The most popular choice is Cherry MX Brown, but if you’re not interested in the Cherry brand, other options have similar characteristics.

Choosing the right switch for your keyboard can be overwhelming. You have to consider the weight of the switch, its actuation force and actuation distance, travel distance, and lifespan. If you’re looking for a lightweight switch to help reduce finger fatigue during long typing sessions, you can opt for an optical switch instead of a regular one. Optical switches use light to trigger a keypress, which makes them less susceptible to damage and failure than traditional mechanical switches.

However, these switches have their limitations as well. One of the biggest issues is hysteresis, which occurs when the actuation point and reset point are misaligned, which results in a key that’s difficult to press after it’s bottomed out. Another problem is signal bouncing, which happens when multiple signals are generated by the metal-to-metal contact between the two contacts. When you’re ready to swap out your switches, you’ll need a tool that is compatible with your switch type. Most hot-swappable keyboards have this tool, but you can also buy a separate switch puller specifically designed for mechanical switches.

RGB Lighting

RGB lighting is a popular feature of many keyboards. It uses multiple colors of LEDs to create millions of different shades. It can also be programmed to react to certain events and computer functions. It can also be linked to music and other media through software, allowing you to customize the color of your keys. RGB keyboards are a great choice for gamers because they allow you to change their appearance according to your mood and game style. You can choose from many colors and use color combinations to highlight certain key patterns. You can also program the lighting to alert you if your PC is overheating or has a poor wireless connection.

Another important feature of RGB keyboards is that they have various backlight effects. For example, you can choose a “wriggle” effect where all the keys light up, and the lights move from left to right. This light style is a great way to increase your keys’ visibility while improving your gaming experience. You can also choose a “sea wave” or a “single star” backlight effect where each key is illuminated, with the lighting moving in different directions. When choosing an RGB keyboard, you should look for one that uses WS2812B or SK6812MINI-E LEDs. These are more reliable and have a longer lifespan than other LEDs. You can change the color of the switches on your mechanical keyboard to fit your preference.

You should also ensure that the lighting will not interfere with any other components, such as switches and keycaps. You should also choose a case compatible with the type of lighting you want to use. If you do not like the RGB colors, you can choose a keyboard that only uses single-color LEDs. These can be easier on the eyes, and they can also be less expensive than RGB keyboards. To choose the right RGB lighting for your needs, consider your budget and how often you will use the keyboard. Some people are more into the aesthetics of RGB, while others don’t care for it.

Final Word

Lastly, you can change the color of your keycaps to match the rest of your keyboard’s design. There are a lot of different keycap profiles available, and these are all slightly different in shape, material, and color. You can find a lot of keycaps at your local computer store, but you’ll need to ensure they are compatible with the switches on your keyboard. Getting started with customizing your mechanical keyboard can be intimidating, but plenty of guides are out there to help you get started. Before you know it, you’ll build a custom mechanical keyboard perfect for your needs!