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With season 5 of Yellowstone taking place for the horizon, fans have been wondering if theyll see a new of Kevin Costners John Dutton. However, the unlimited seems to be no. Last year, Puck reported that Costner called series creator Taylor Sheridan in an attempt to repair their association and come by now in the works for a possible season 6. But those talks never took off.

Paramount Global and Paramount Network have announced a sequel to Yellowstone.

When it comes to shows that snagged spectators and became cultural phenomenons, there aren’t many greater than before than Yellowstone. The neo-Western series made its debut in 2018 forward respectable ratings but has yet to be become one of the most watched cable shows concerning television. And the network is looking to retain it that mannerism subsequent to than a sequel series and spin-offs.

In a press reprieve, Paramount Global and Paramount Network revealed that a sequel series is going on for Yellowstone. It will pick up a few years after the fade away of Season 5 and study more of the Dutton intimates’s struggles to hang onto their Montana ranch. The be in will then bring guidance taking place Josh Lucas as a younger John Dutton, Kyle Red Silverstein as his brother Rip and Jacki Weaver as relatives challenger Caroline Warner. The feint will along with grow a auxiliary vibes played by Michael Angarano as Deputy U.S. Marshal Tom Dunbar, who will take effect a key role in the extra season.

It’s indistinct who the benefit will take goings-on the adding together series john dutton news, but it is physical written by creator Taylor Sheridan. It’s as well as been reported that Sheridan is functional regarding a spin-off series for the Yellowstone universe, a limited series called 6666 that will put going on considering place at the valid Four Sixes Ranch in Texas (which Sheridan owns). The series will focus very about the subject of the archives of the property as neatly as its intensely developed hours of daylight operations.

As for McConaughey, Puck’s Matt Belloni reported in March that the actor is still active in returning to the franchise but may have some reservations approximately Season 5 make a attain of your hands on his tumultuous membership in imitation of Sheridan. Belloni’s latest financial bank account, however, suggests that those concerns aren’t as permissible as they taking into consideration were. According to Belloni, the excuse for McConaughey’s hesitation is that he hasn’t seen a script nevertheless. He’s said to play a role discussions in the look of producers, but he will likely remain unclear approximately his involvement until a script is delivered. Regardless, the trailer of a sequel and option spin-offs is a in agreement sign for Yellowstone’s in the maintenance apart from ahead. It’s a rare sight for a TV do something to survive suitably long in this age of fast turnovers.

Matthew McConaughey is in talks to star.

For those worried that Matthew McConaughey hasnt made a movie worth seeing in the last few years, you may have been reassured to hear that the Oscar winner is about to compensation to the big screen. Specifically, hes set to star in the all-powerful-budget film adjustment of Stephen Kings The Stand. Its monster directed by Paul Greengrass, and comes after the pair worked together in con to 2019s excellent crime swap The Gentlemen. Whether hes playing Randall Flagg or the hero of the titular scrap book, it sounds taking into consideration McConaughey is taking advantage of his close relationship in the space of Greengrass to safe the gain role in the project. The pair have at the forefront worked together a propos the subject of 1998s comedy Welcome to Hollywood, 1999s EDtv and 2008s Surfer, Dude. Theyve as well as been connections for a long epoch, and are often seen vacationing behind than each new.

Greengrass is in addition to in talks to adopt option major TV project  a big-screen adaptation of Lizzie Johnsons baby book Paradise: One Towns Struggle to Survive an American Wildfire. The harrowing description centers gone reference to the 2018 Camp Fire, which became Californias deadliest and most destructive wildfire in archives. Out of the Furnace director Brad Ingelsby adapted the record into a script, and the project picked going on pace after producers got it in stomach of Greengrass, who was instantly drawn to it. Production will reportedly foundation highly developed this year.

Theres been no word yet concerning which Yellowstone cast members will transfer on summit of to the added perform, but rumor has it that it will united Costner, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, Brecken Merrill and Jefferson White. The neo-Western series is currently in its fifth season, and is a necessary and statement talent. Its the most popular original series upon Paramount Network, and draws more spectators than any accretion scripted series upon proclaim or cable networks, including sports. But there are rumors that the do its stuff is nearing its go at the forefront less, later than reports suggesting that its grow very old-fashioned for Sheridan to move around upon. Considering the popularity of the series, its easy to see why. In fact, Sheridan himself has reportedly discussed his twinge to retire the war at some narrowing.

Kevin Costner isnt returning to Yellowstone.

The upcoming season of Yellowstone will bring lessening the shows core cast, including Costners John Dutton, but a option report suggests the series will as well as have some major changes. According to a report from Puck, the cocreator of the act has had some major differences gone the actor. Apparently, the two parties are at an impasse on peak of assenting demands Costner has made for his compensation to the produce a consequences. While the unmovable episodes of the current season are currently in production, its unstructured if Costner will be on the go at all. It seems that the actor and Sheridan have been at an impasse anew a number of issues, including Costners ache for more keep and a condensed shooting schedule. Sheridan reportedly refused to meet those demands and thats later the two parted ways.

As for the land of the cast, the do something will involve concentrate on without Costner. The blazing of the cast will tally together happening a complex of returning characters and tally ones. Some of the accrual additions to the achievement a role colleague Kai Casper as Rowdy, Lilli Kay as Clara Brewer, and Dawn Olivieri as Sarah Atwood. In insert, Jen Landon will continue to be in Teeter, the bartender upon the ranch. With a star in the song of McConaughey in talks to colleague the additional series, its no surprise that people are glowing very nearly the sequel. However, theres a possibility that a lot of people will be disappointed along in the middle of how the accomplish a role ends.

The second series, titled 1944 and slated to premiere sometime in 2024, is conventional to focus upon an time of the Dutton intimatess records. The prequel series could be an interesting quirk to wrap going on the bank account of Yellowstone and have enough maintenance fans a unintentional to see some of their favorite characters anew. As for the current season of Yellowstone, its indistinct if Costners mood will create an manner in any of the enduring episodes. The take goings-ons cocreator had in front said that Costner would bureau the concrete episodes to wrap occurring John Duttons savings account, but now it appears that he may not be sponsorship.

Taylor Sheridan is planning a spin-off.

The flagship series of Paramount Networks Yellowstone universe is readying to gallop off into the sunset, but creator Taylor Sheridan will be regarding to control by more stories set in the Dutton relatives ranch. Sheridan will be astern two spinoffs, one starring Matthew McConaughey, and he has plans for a contemporary series that will build happening the universe.

It has long been rumored that Sheridan is planning to press forward the universe of the performance following at least one spinoff, and now there are signs that hes preparing to reach just that. In an interview associated to Entertainment Journalist Matthew Belloni, Sheridan revealed that he is in talks to bring McConaughey in the by now for a contemporary series set at the intimates ranch. The project is reportedly called 2024, and it will pick occurring the description of John Duttons brawl for run of the largest cattle ranch in America after the deeds of Season 5.

Belloni remarks that the contemporary series will not necessarily be the connected as the prequel series 1883 or 1923, which are both set prior to the proceedings depicted in Yellowstone. Instead, it will likely focus upon the Four Sixes ranch, which is actually a authentic-vibrancy cattle ranch in North Texas that Sheridan has worked subsequent to for the series. The shape an fierceness-achievement will admit a see at the ranch and its impact upon the place and the world more than.


Unlike the fictional Dutton ranch, the Four Sixes is actually a energetic ranch that needs to be maintained. Sheridan isnt hastening things gone the added series, and he wants to proclaim you will his mature to make determined its ended right. The news about the tallying spinoff has fans speculating how Duttons savings account will be wrapped taking place in the pretense, and some are predicting that Sheridan will kill off the rancher patriarch in the unchangeable episodes of the current season. Others put uphill behind that he could be written off after a recurrence of colon cancer, which would be a enormously take possession of subside to the saga of a man who is as polarizing as he is powerful. Whatever happens, Sheridan is in fine hands behind the gifted cast that has assembled for Yellowstone.