Top 5 Sites To Watch Movies For Free

Watch movies for free is an ad-supported streaming service. It has an extensive collection of movies and shows, including big Hollywood blockbusters and hidden gems. It also has special sections for new releases and titles that are leaving soon. It’s best to use a VPN with this site to avoid the many ads.


MovieStars is one of the most popular ดูหนังฟรี websites, offering a variety of different movies. The site allows users to search for movies by genre and country, and offers a clean user interface. It also supports multiple languages. The Internet Archive is another good option for watching movies, although it does not include the latest releases. Instead, it has a large library of classic films and other multimedia productions with historical value.

Vudu is a good choice for movie fans looking to find new movies. This site has a massive selection of movies and is accessible from almost anywhere in the world. It is free to use and is compatible with most devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Its selection includes both mainstream and independent movies.


Vudu is a digital video store and streaming service that lets customers rent or buy movies and TV shows. It has a wide selection of titles to choose from, including blockbusters and indie films. The service also has a free section that offers thousands of ad-supported movies and TV episodes. It also features collections and deals that feature popular titles at lower prices.

Vudu supports Movies Anywhere, allowing users to add movies from other services to their Vudu library. Many Blu-ray and DVD discs include codes that can be redeemed on Vudu to unlock a digital version of the content. The service also carries several popular television shows and anime, such as the Netflix original series Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.

Sony Crackle

Unlike most streaming services, Crackle doesn’t require an account to watch content. However, creating one unlocks two key features: “Continue Watching” and the ability to tag content as something you want to watch later. The site offers a wide variety of movies and TV shows, including original programming like sci-fi drama Spides and sports docuseries On Point. It also has a good collection of comedy specials from stand-up comedians such as Martin Lawrence and Eddie Griffin. Crackle regularly adds and retires movies and TV shows, but its licensing deals with a number of big-name providers (like Sony Pictures, Legendary Entertainment, Lionsgate Entertainment, and Miramax) give it a pretty extensive catalog. It also has an impressive selection of classic films, though a few forgettable titles are mixed in with acclaimed hits.


The free ad-supported streaming service Tubi has amassed a massive library of films and TV shows. Its catalog includes many popular titles from the likes of Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM. It also has content from A&E and Complex Networks. But if you’re looking for the latest releases, you might not find them on Tubi. The site only offers 720p resolution, which is still high-definition but is far lower than the 4K quality offered by many other services.

Whether you’re looking for cult classics or hidden gems, Tubi has collections to suit your mood and interests. It even has an extensive selection of dubbed and native-language movies. And with 3x fewer ads than cable, it’s an excellent alternative to paid streaming services. It’s available on Roku, Apple TV, Samsung and LG Smart TVs, Chromecast, Xbox, PlayStation, and other devices.


If you have a library card or university login, you can stream a large number of films on Kanopy without paying anything. The service features content from various film and documentary partners. This makes it stand out from other streaming platforms that are light on non-mainstream content. The site has a large selection of classics, independent releases and foreign films. It also includes thought-provoking documentaries and learning experiences. Kanopy also offers a children’s section with animated stories and movies that adapt classic books.

To access Kanopy, you’ll need a valid library card and a reliable Internet connection. The service works on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. You can even watch Kanopy on Roku devices. You can also sign up with an Apple or Google account.


Watching movies is a great way to relax and enjoy entertainment. It can be especially relaxing for people with anxiety and depression. It can also provide a sense of belonging and an escape from reality. YouTube, Vudu, Tubi and Kanopy all have free movies available. These sites are ad-supported and may have some commercial interruptions.