What To Expect From A Singapore PR Consultation

Getting Singapore PR opens the door to countless opportunities including visa-free travel and access to top quality healthcare. However, the process can be daunting and frustrating if you don’t have the right guidance. An experienced PR application agency can help streamline the process and significantly increase your chances of success. Here are a few things to look out for when selecting an agency.

The Consultation Process

The Singapore PR Consultation process offered by IASG covers an in-depth profile assessment of PR applicants. Consultants will ask about the applicant’s career path, education, family ties, social integration efforts, and more. The consultants will then do some research on the applicant’s career industry and sector to find out how valuable the applicant is economically to Singapore. This information will then be showcased in the cover letter that IASG will prepare for the applicant. 

Since ICA no longer accepts physical submissions, applicants are granted a short timeframe to upload all of the required documents through their e-PR system. This means that applicants who are unprepared may run the risk of their application being rejected, which could result in a huge waste of time and effort. Thankfully, applying for Singapore PR with the help of an agency like IASG can ease this process for you. The team will keep track of your application and provide consistent support throughout the entire process.

Besides compiling and organising essential documents, a good PR application agency will also give you guidance on framing your narrative in the most appealing way. With their vast experience in handling countless PR cases, they understand what the ICA is looking for and can advise you accordingly on how to best present your application.

The Consultation Fee

Getting Singapore PR status is a big step to becoming part of the country’s culture and enjoying its numerous benefits. But the path to PR status comes with various fees that applicants must be aware of and budget accordingly. For the first consultation, it is free of charge for all PR applicants. The consultancy firm has been helping tens of thousands of people realise their dream to move to Singapore since its inception in 2014. It offers comprehensive and affordable services, from conducting an initial assessment to compiling all the documentation and paperwork, including a customised cover letter.

During your in-person appointment, the consultant will take into account a variety of factors to determine whether you are eligible for PR, such as your age, employment status and industry, and your family’s background and social contribution. The firm’s experts also provide a list of documents that are required to be submitted to ICA, along with their recommended checklist. This will help you save time and stress in preparing your application package.

The Consultation Time

Singapore’s immigration specialists will take you through a series of questions and details regarding your specific circumstances, helping you verify your eligibility and strengthening your application. They will also help you avoid common mistakes, ensuring a faster, smoother process. They will compile your paperwork, including a cover letter highlighting your unique qualities. They will make sure that you stand out from the thousands of applicants, ensuring that your application is assessed quickly and favourably.

In addition to your employment pass and work history, ICA will assess your social contributions and family ties, demonstrating your commitment to the country. These can include things such as volunteering, charitable donations and embracing Singapore’s culture. ICA will then evaluate your submission and advise you on the next steps.

The Consultation Materials

At the consultation, clients can expect to receive comprehensive information about the process, as well as a checklist of important documents needed for their Singapore PR application. This includes documents like high-quality digital passport photographs, a valid Singapore work pass or Singapore permanent residence card, and the necessary certificates that validate their education and employment history. The e-PR system only grants applicants seven days to complete their online application and upload all the required documentation, so it is important for applicants to make sure that they are ready before they start the process. If not, the application will be rejected automatically.

In addition to assisting with the Singapore PR application, consultants can also help clients prepare for a successful appeal should their application be rejected. They can provide advice on how to write a compelling PR appeal letter, and offer tips on how to submit it. Using a consultant can save valuable time and increase your chances of success in applying for Singapore PR.


The firm has helped tens of thousands of clients cut through the arduous work pass process. They begin by doing a profile assessment and then set up an in-person interview with their clients. The team will compile all the necessary documentation for submission to ICA. They will also write a cover letter to enhance your application and increase the likelihood of getting approved. For enquiries on Singapore PR applications, call Immigration@SG at +65 6493 1830.